Located only 1h45 from Toulouse and 1h30 from Bayonne, the Animal Park of the Pyrenees, also called The Marlmott’s Hill, and classified as the 3rd zoo of France on Trip Advisor, proposes to the families to come close  to a large number of animal species in a habitat very similar  to their natural environment.


Hanging around  wild  animals is a dream for many people, so  at the closing of the park it is possible to spend the night in a luxury cabin amid the animals of the Park.


Currently two huts of about 35 m2 are available for the « night at the zoo » formula; the stay includes a personalized accompanying by an animal specialist, an access to the privatized park, and dinner included. These two eco-lodges are named « The trapper’s hut » where one can sleep with the wolves, and the « Refuge of the Bears ». 

The Animal Park of the Pyrenees is one of the few French zoos to propose unusual stays of this type, among wolves, lynxes, flamingos, monkeys and  bears.

This formula offers a privilege and intimate stay in presence of animals and stimulates the visitors’ awareness to the preservation of the species in the wild because the animals are not in cage and move freely in the park in very similar conditions  to their natural environment.

As for the traditional visit, it takes  approximately from two to three hours to go around the Park (14 hectares), and the morning  is the best time , when the freshness makes it possible, to see the animals. However, one may also to spend a whole day in the park. There is a restaurant and three picnic areas are available, as well as a bar for refreshments and a souvenir shop. (Visitors’ attention is drawn to the fact than any exit is definitive).

The lower part of the park is arranged and made accessible for disabled people and pushchairs. If you wish to get to the upper part with a  baby,  due to slight slanting of some areas, it is recommended to use a baby carrier.

The park is composed of nine universes:

« The Wings of Nature » giant aviary where one can discover about 40 species of birds of the most flamboyant colors

« Over the water » otters, coypu and two species of waterfowl.

« The Hill with the marmots » Possibility of feeding them with an animal trainer.

« The Eyes of the night » Foxes, lynxes, martens.

 » The Land of Bears »

« The Farm of the Pitchouns »

« The Valley of Raptors » Vultures and Vulture

« In the Heart of the pack » Wolves

« Guyana, land of colors » Giant gulls, little monkeys, birds from Guyana…

In order to preserve nature, the Park supports the « Pyrénées Conservation » foundation by participating in projects for the reintroduction and protection of threatened species.




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