Lac de Payolle sous la neige


Just one hour from Tarbes (40 kms), you will arrive in a peaceful place, often compared to Canada. This lake lined with fir forest will allow you a family walk and discover the many activities proposed  nearby.

Created in 1970, the lake of Payolle  straddles the boarders of the villages of Campan and Arreau at the foot of the Aspin pass and the Hourquette of Ancizan. It culminates at 1140 m of altitude.

Accessible to all, the walk around the lake allows to admire the great peaks of the Pyrenees such as the massif of Arbizon, the Arcouade or Pic du Midi de Bigorre. Depending on the season, activities on the site will satisfy everyone.

Lac de Payolle sous la neigeIn wintertime, one may choose to go cross-country skiing, since the Nordic ski resort offers not less than 50 km of trail through the forest and on the lake. For those who want a quieter experience put on your snowshoes and explore the wild landscape.

Embark on a sled and run your dogs like a true Inuit. You will therefore find a complete Nordic space but you can also teach your ch
ildren  downhill skiing with a ski lift; accessible by car this place will allow you to ski in all simplicity.

In the summer,15326503_1481167251896603_4516120533246055996_n mountain bike trails make a circuit around the lake, using the cross-country ski trails, or you may, for those of you more seasoned, go up to the pass of Aspin for example.

On the lakeside, nautical activities are proposed with rental of kayaks and pedal boats. A fishing course has also been put in place with the construction of pontoons allowing all to access to the banks. You will have the opportunity to go around the lake on horseback and ponies.

On the « Wild side » of the lake, a junior tree climbing is available, and your children will be able to go from tree to tree safely, supervised by a professional team. In the summer period, activities include deval’kart, mountain board initiations and introductory paragliding take-offs.

But be hoever careful,  the site of Payolle has been used for centuries as areas of livestock for cattle, and you will come across cows, horses and sheep, left there for the summer they will be brought back to the stables to spend the winter. They are animals, so do not disturb them.
In all fairness, the emphasis is on access to all, so both summer and winter, facilities have been put in place to allow people with reduced mobility to access the site and Activities. In all seasons, one may can eat in one of the many bar-restaurant of the site and taste the local specialties cooked in the best tradition, with local products.

One may also live a unique experience with a stay overnight in one of the tree perched cabins of Payolle.







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