13697139_1650335505285692_17080875919279881_nThe pleasures and benefits of nature accessible to the greatest number, a quiet place is ideal for a relaxing family stroll.

The natural Lake of Estaing is located in the Valley of the Lavedan; more exactly in the Val d’Azun (Hautes Pyrenees, France).

This peaceful place offers a great number of activities accessible to the greatest world,
including children in str14479681_1771508576434666_3703774648718702509_nollers and the elderly.

It is possible to arrive by car to the shores of the lake, the parking is a starting point known.

for a great number of excursions and being the eighteenth stage of the GR10 (between Arrens-Marsous and Lake of Ilhéou ).

Its easy acce ss makes it a very frequented place which nevertheless remains ideal to recharge 14054105_896696257131080_7905943990191979950_nitself: the animals (cows, horses, ewes, etc.) are pasture so in perfect freedom and the luminosity of the site makes the lake just sublime.

Its geographical positioning makes it a wide area and very often windy which allows the practice of the kite. A festival of amateur kites called « the heads in the air », takes place every
year at the lake.


This natural area is protected but fishing is permitted: its six meters deep contain mainly these species of fish: Trout Fario, Pike, Minnows. Estaing is the only mountain lake in the Hautes Pyrénées where boat fishing is permitted. In summer it is possible to go cycling, stand up paddle, horse riding and for the smallest of the pony rides accompanied by
the paren15380867_1792639727654884_4041212272663040861_nts.

If you want to spend the full day, it is possible to eat a picnic on the spot or in the restaurant, and take a refreshment at the bar.

See the excursions starting from Estaing in the heading « sport / walking & trekking », the most inescapable starting from Estaing are:

– The lake of Barbat: Distance 8.62km, Duration 4h 25
Elevation gain: 832 m
Difference in altitude: 832 m
Average Difficulty

– Lake Nère and the long lake:
Distance 17.65 km, Duration 8h 15
Elevation gain: 1,344 m
Difference in altitude: 1,343 m
Difficult but without any danger

– The refuge circuit of Ilhéou, opal lakes, shelter Wallon:
Distance 14.38 km, Duration 7h 05, allow two days.
Elevation gain: 1,257 m
Difference in altitude: 1,353 m
Average Difficulty

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