The association « De la couleur partout » has developed its structure as an art gallery for artists and artisans. This room allows local artists to exhibit and sell their works of art. The general public is invited to a large number of evenings of vernissage and stalling of the artists of the association.

This structure offers a tarbaise place to host courses of initiation intended for the general public. The infrastructure is endowed with a large showroom, a space for relaxation and restoration, encouraging friendly encounters and original moments of discovery, allowing children and adults to express themselves.

This cultural exchange is open every day from 10:30 to 21:00 except on Sundays and offers a program of creative courses very comprehensive:

  • Cake Design with Cake Mania
  • Make-up special effects and / or make-up with « LC Make Up »
  • Photos with « Manu Tondon », portraits specialist
  • Photo studio with «Vincent Andres»
  • DJ, pad and MAO children teens with « Audio-Out School »
  • Children’s Pottery
  • Aldults’Pottery
  • Writing and slam workshop for children and teens
  • Introduction to Argentinian Tango
  • Drawings Manga
  • Workshop for parents and children
  • Chorale Chants de monde
  • Sewing
  • Sculpture on wood, carpentry and cabinetmaking
  • Graphic art (origamis)
  • Workshop furniture and cardboard sculptures
  • Graffiti Courses

In order to promote this place, to develop a real community of artists and to promote classes, the Artelier organizes « Nuit de l’Artelier » evenings every Friday evening of the month on vintage, eccentric, festive, nature and Many others. (The most mythical evenings, Pinup evening, Pirates evening, fashion shows etc.)
During this evening, to promote exchanges, several small stands have been set up: for example, stands for hairdressing, photo, make-up, food … Depending on the themes, the stands change and evolve.
Access to the stand is free, however, the entrance of the evening requires the purchase of a « PAF » (participation fee) where each person gives what he wants. The restaurant area sells tapas. It does not offer alcohol except for the sale of wine and beer.
The main managers are Rozenne, Michel and Tome the graph.
Find all the information about the courses, the exhibitions and the evenings on the Artelier website

As well as on Facebook


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3 réflexions sur “L’ARTELIER

  1. patricia basti-garnier dit :

    un lieu où l’art (sous toutes se formes) peut s’exprimer mais aussi un lieu où l’art devient accessible à tous. Et n’est plus réservé à quelques privilégiés dans des galeries inaccessibles.Un lieu qui permet aussi de rencontrer les artistes. Et enfin un lieu ouvert à tous pour divers ateliers . A découvrir absolument

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