The Pyrenees massif is a range of high and medium mountains, it offers a diversity of landscapes and configurations of unique terrain. Making the junction between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, its climate is mild and allows to have lenient seasons.

Nordic skiing practice can be carried out according to two2 philosophies:

  • In its Classic style, with family or friends, it allows to discover unique places and to share a pleasant moment in open air. Remaining within the reach of all, this practice is available in every resort.
  • Skating, the sporting version of Nordic skiing, is reserved for sports enthusiasts, with its particular technique, it becomes an intense activity.

When staying in the Pyrenees, wherever you may be based, a Nordic ski resort suitable for your practice will be nearby.

The valley of Lavedan is the most supplied in terms of Nordic skiing with no less than 3 stations; it offers an exceptional diversity of landscapes:

  • With over 90 kilometers of slopes and the most beautiful sunshine of all stations, the Val d’Azun is also the largest. It allows, thanks to a great variety of ski tracks,everyone to practice « his » skiing, whether it be in family style, alone or in a sports team.
  • Hautacam massif offers a family Nordic station with an exceptional view of the valley, it is nice to have a picnic and spend a relaxing day outdoors. You can also enjoy the 700-meter-long mountain luge, which offers a fun and safe toboggan run.
  • Enjoy the charm of a mountain village with rich historic heritage, Cauterets with its spas (Les Thermes Caesar) built by the Romans and its two ski resorts (Le Cirque du Lys: downhill & the bridge of Spain: Nordic Ski). The Pont d’Espagne, Nordic ski resort on the road to Vignemale, the highest mountain in the French Pyrenees. With the 36.5 km of tracks it also has some downhill ski facilities to allow families with different skiing desires to end up in the same place and share lunch together in a mountain restaurant. Located in the middle of the high massifs, the communion with nature is total.
  • Besides the Lavedan Valley, one can also practice Nordic skiing in all the alleys, withinjust an hour reach from Tarbes, the Payolle – Campan resort offers 50 kilometers of trails between Col d’Aspin and the Lake of Payolle. The getaway is total with this landscape also often called  « Little Canada ».
  • Nistos resort is the resort that has a view of the  » Pic Du Midi de Bigorre » and the Aneto peak (the highest peak of the Pyrenees).Ski and snowshoe routes will disclose a route between forest and mountains. With 55 km of slopes; at 100 kms from Toulouse it is also one of the  most accessible resort from the main roads network.

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