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You want to know the stars, come and take a breath of fresh air and discover the most beautiful panorama of the Pyrenees. At the border of the plain and the mountains, you can, in good weather, see Toulouse on one side and Bayonne on the other.img_0634

Indeed, thanks to its 2,876 m of altitude, it offers an ideal site for scientists, who since 1870, have taken a seat and built an observatory to work with the stars, the unique configuration of the site is such that NASA funds the Installation of a telescope in the 60s to prepare « Apollo » missions as well as possible.

But as you may be wondering, how to build such an observatory, if horses were used at the beginning and a passage through the Pass of the « Tourmalet » was obligatory, the technological evolution made it possible to build faster and especially bigger. It is now possible to reach the « Pic Du Midi » with 2 cable cars.

The « Aiguille du  Pic Du Midi » also serves as a radio relay, installed in 1926, and 30 years later is doubled with a 104 m high antenna used for television. It deserts one-seventh of the national territory.

Today, the Pic du Midi proposes to sleep on an atypical room (comfortable and with stunning views … on the mountain and the stars), and several animations, from the simple  walking visit of the site on the terraces to a stay overnight , everything is possible:

  • PlanetariumThe star navigator proposes a journey of our galaxy thanks to the images of the observatories of the world and those of Pic du Midi, the largest planetarium in Europe.
  • Sunset

A few minutes of pause to contemplate the horizon and to witness a unique spectacle.

  • Night of stars

Notice to the astronomers astronomers, it is the night that the magic operates! A host will present using the instruments, the Milky Way and its legends.

  • Visit of the observatory

Guided tour of the observatory, meeting with researchers, presentation of Bernard Lyot’s telescope and the laboratory.

In wintertime and for lovers of extreme sports, the cable car of the » Pic du Midi » is open to advanced level skiers and snowboarders. Grant yourself a 100% natural descent, but do not forget you are in high mountain and risk zero does not exist,so make for a a safety attitude and get accompanied by a well- advised guide, used to the spot. diabonal.jpg


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More about Pic du Midi  http://www.picdumidi.com/


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