The spit cake is a traditional dessert of the Pyrenees. (Which is traditionally used during family events such as weddings, baptisms and communions and you will understand why!)

As for the origin of its recipe, it is very controversial. Napoleon’s soldiers would have brought her back from a campaign in northern Europe. Others are located in Prussia around 1800. Similar cakes are found in Hungary, Poland and Germany. The notable difference would be the « peaks » found only on the Pyrenean cakes (you will know their origin in the recipe to come).

Dessert difficult to achieve at home because its implementation and its particular cooking method require a material and a quantity of ingredients not negligible. In addition, you will need at least twenty friends to help you taste it (unless you are very greedy!).
Rather, judge it!


You will need:

  • 1 kilo of flour
  • 1 kilo of butter
  • 1 kilo of sugar
  • 30 eggs
  • 10 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • Rum

Ingredients easy to find of course but another difficulty will present:

You need a mold shaped like a cone covered with parchment paper mounted on a spindle to rotate it. A wood fire with beautiful embers. You will also need to place a dish under the spit to collect the dough fell from the mold.

g_teau_la_brocheIf all this has not stopped you, here is the way to go:

To prepare the dough, melt the butter.
In a large salad bowl, break the eggs separating the whites from the yolks. (Reserve the whites to mount them in snow).

Add to the yolks alternating spoon and spoon the flour and sugar, as well as butter broche2occasionally and vanilla sugar. Put rum to taste.

Whisk the whites and incorporate them into this mixture.
Place the mold in front of the fire.

Pour a ladle of dough onto the mold while turning it.
Every 3 to 4 turns do not put dough but continue to turn the mold. (This is what will give the small peaks characteristic of the cake to the pin also called for this reason « Rock of the Pyrenees ») Also pick up the dough fell under the mold.
Cooking takes about two hours.
Allow to cool and unmold.
You have earned the right to taste a good part! (Some preferring stale a week!), Accompanied with choice of custard, ice or nature.

Enjoy your meal !gateau-a-la-broche-le-rocher-par-faby-9



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