Amateur of strong sensations, neophytes or seasoned, come and discover piloting on circuit. Besides letting you express your motorcycle in its full capacity, it is also and above all an enriching experience in terms of safety, with gestures and reflexes applicable on the road.



Thanks to a professional and experienced team, you will be able to discover and progress in the best possible conditions. With several formulas to choose, you will evolve safely with insurance (liability) included in the registration, you will be offered additional insurance to cover you.


It is possible for you to get a real training course from pilots holding records of achievements: a world champion and a champion of France who will be there to accompany you on this special day. They will be there as a true personal coach, for you to evolve at your own pace and knowing how to place themselves at your level in order to bring out the best  out of yourself.


Other services, such as the presence of a professional racing mechanic giving advice for your own personal settings and repairs, are offered. At the suspension workshop, a  suspensions specialist will also be  present to help you to better understand the behavior of your machine.

Obviously, not all of you own a motorcycle or even equipment adapted to the practice of motorcycle on circuit, so, boots and gloves will be available for hire. Motorcycle rentals are also available on some circuits and on certain dates, (deposit required).

In order to give accessibility to all, baptisms in duet on a real racing bike and behind a renowned driver, may be organised so that the sharing is complete, you can take a souvenir video of your motorcycle baptism.

You will find organized rides on several circuits of France but also in Spain.  You may check dates on our partner’s site and wish you good ride. On the program, some of the most beautiful circuits of France and Spain, where the great drivers, like the circuit Nogaro, the circuit of Catalunya, the circuit of Aragon and many others.

The courses are of course for men but also for women, bikers of always or beginners, all in a convivial atmosphere, and a « motorcycle » spirit of sharing and exchanges.





  1. Verneuil dit :

    Super pilote, mentalité exceptionnelle !
    Alex est un homme honnête et sincère capable de vous guider dans votre pilotage comme jamais personne ne pourra le faire.
    Je conseille à tout le monde sans hésitation…..

    Aimé par 1 personne

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