Since 1986, « Evolution Pilotage » , owing to a true passion and long-standing professional experience, proposes sessions for driving skills improvement  following three main words: PERFORMANCE – TECHNICAL SKILLS – SECURITY

You are an individual, young or not so young, thrill-seekers or just car enthusiasts, with the aim of perfecting yourself for more safety on the road, or performing a real driving course in order to enjoy the real pleasure of motor sport, Evolution Pilotage will welcome you on the circuit of Pau-Arnos throughout the year and also at the ski resort of La Pierre-Saint-Martin in winter time for driving on snow improvement sessions.

We commonly call DRIVING the action of moving in a vehicle in accordance with the rules of the Highway Code.

So we call TO PILOT, to be able to control ones’ vehicle safely in any daily situation, to be able to exploit it on circuit and make the most of its performances.

Whether your objective is to control your vehicle, manage your stress, your personnal improvement, your pleasure, your performance or access to the competition, … they will adapt to your needs and through a quality experienced coaching and performing vehicles, bring techniques for you to progress safely.

In order to provide you with the most complete assistance, Evolution Piloting will accompany you in small groups of 3 to 5 people maximum. In addition, it is possible to benefit from a personalized follow-up thanks to a 100% personal formula, previously prepared according to your wishes and your needs.

In the morning, a welcome coffee and pastries will be offered. Then you will take part in a briefing during which you will be given a technical course on the dynamics of the vehicle, the general mechanical and physical principles applied to all moving objects and finally a safety point. Obviously this briefing is interactive and Evolution Pilotage team is there to answer all your questions. You will then take place behind the steering wheel of the vehicle with your instructor as a passenger for a defined number of turns.

It is important to remember that racing circuit and sports vehicle do not necessarily correspond with speed…

This being said, it is obvious that our courses are open to all and especially to people who feell uncomfortable with their vehicle in everyday life.

Sometimes too, young drivers may be overconfident and tend to mix up open road and closed circuit. They will learn to make this distinction and learn to analyze upcoming bends and anticipate them, to perform an emergency braking. But above all, the team has developed a program to raise awareness of the risks, responsibilities and criminal penalties incurred … A quick point shall made on the impact of one’s driving on the environment and one’s budget.

Exclusively in the Pyrenees, funny and educational, Evolution Piloting offers you driving courses on snow!

As you can well imagine this service is only available in wintertime and in good snow cover conditions.

In partnership with the ski resort of La Pierre-Saint-Martin, this activity is proposed  during the day or at evenings of « après ski ». In the same way as in our other sessions, theoretical training will be given. Then, runs will take place with various vehicles equipped with different equipment so that you perceive the different performances of each specific wintertime equipment available. You will be able to make the right technical gestures in order to control your vehicle should you loose grip.

Car fanatics, greedy learners or simply desiring to feel reassured, do not hesitate to contact Evolution Pilotage for more information on offers and proposed dates.


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