p1010777The Trapper’s bus is an unusual chalet style and mobile accommodation converted from a former bus.  The place has been thought to be harmony with nature and totally autonomous for its energy consumption. Solar energy, wood heating, ecological dry toilets and purifier for sewage make this accommodation a true environment friendly dwelling place.

Most of the time, based at the Lake of Payolle, area nicknamed « Little Canada », The Bus Inn’ team enjoys caring for you by giving plenty useful and well adapted tips  such as finding local specialties’ or getting in contact with local professionals  reading to meet your expectations.

However, this beautiful area of the Pyrenees offers a whole range of different spots each one more bewitching than the other.  A bewildering environment, close a hand, offering several stays with multiple choice activities that our team dedicates itself to create and customize, especially for you.

This accommodation that puts up to 6 people: – meant for one couple with 2 children, it may also welcome two extra beddings on the sofas of lounge. (High quality Bultex bedding 40 gr / cm2).

Fully independent from an electrical production point of view, the Bus Inn is equipped with 220 V plugs for the use of usual electrical appliances such as mobile charger, laptop, razor or hair smother…. (Appliances above 500W are forbidden such extra heating radiators or kettles…)

A totally autonomous supply of electrical energy produces 800l liters of clean water; then, gas supply (tanks to 2 large bottles) allows using a four ring cooking stove and oven.

A wood-stove with a heat recovery and ventilator unit distributes the heat, and ensures a pleasant and comfortable stay. Even in the midst of a snowstorm, should you happen to go through such a thrilling experience, one would be able to pass it through without any harm. The Bus Inn is also equipped with an electric power generator and enough wood to hold up several days.

In any case, one may be sure to visit and discover serenely for you may rely on our team at any time, under any circumstances. Owing to our 15 years of travelling and road trip experience, we can grant you with optimum efficiency.

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