Creator and producers’ market

Traditionally, in the month of December, Christmas markets take place providing all sorts of trinkets more or less well-made, ideal to offer as small christmas gifts.

In Beaucens, in Marie-André and Miriam ‘s studio (namely, furniture relooker and glass works artist), a creator and producers’ market is set up, where one favors home made decorative objects as well as exclusively local products.

See for yourself:

A young couple, who settled in Arcizans-Avant a few years ago, brews and bottles his own beer. The cultivation of hops on site is planned for the years to come. You will find brown, blond, and amber beers and as well as a  winter beer.

There is also a saffron producer whose plantations are located in the Massif du Bergons. His Safran is hand -picked and conditioned on the spot at the family property. This high-quality saffron is sold on local markets but also via Internet all over France and around the world.

One can find a stall providing pies, madeleines, or other pastries… all made in Montgaillard, a village in the neighboring valley, with only farm products (eggs, milk, butter) and organic flour produced in the neighborhood. Only the rum that flavors them comes from a distant further out, but still from France!

Watercolors of the surrounding landscapes are presented by local paintors.

One may discover an artisan’s cutlery with very original creations. He forges himself the blades of his knives but also sculpts their handle. Recently, he has also started leather work and offers belts, wallets and other leather goods.

One may find another manufacturer of decorative objects made from driftwood, picked up during strolls on the banks of the river Gave or by the Ocean.

A sculptor-welder exposes his monumental works straight out of his imagination and only created with recycled metal parts

A painter on slates designs objects to decorate your home: table-mats, trays, key boxes…

The creator of « Taking a stroll … » will lead you into her poetic universe will enchant you. Her skills in crochet will lead you to a whole world of creation such as fine aerial collars, some light rings, and or even wonderfull stagings.

A specialized baker of the famous spit roasted cake (Pyrenean cake par excellence) will be around: this peculiar confection will amaze you and its genuine taste will be a real treat.

You will also find a cushions crafstman, each being more original than the other. You will even be able to make your own on the spot.

The local jam producer offers a whole range of different fruits and flowers flavors that can be tasted at the stall  before buying a couple of jars…

One may discover a stall of handcraft and designed jewelry from recycled materials and objects. For example earrings made from nuts, pen caps, balloons … or else rings and pendants made out of pieces of old watches; one will like their finesse.

And of course, Marie-André’s (one of the two hosts of this event), who relook your old furniture with great taste and know-how and designs trendy decorative objects.

As for Myriam, the other host, she will display her glass work and displays a varied range of creations from jewels to deocrative objects.

Besides, throughout the day, you can rely on Cathy’s food truck and will find there sweet and savory cakes, homemade soups or be served a delicious local organic apple juice. 

MORE INFORMATION : « Atelier de la Désirade »


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