In June, over a weekend, the association « Sérp Volaria » organizes the friendly « Les têtes en l’air » (« Head in the Clouds ») on the site of the lake of Estaing.


 The lake of Estaing is a natural lake of the Valley of Azun in the Barbat upland. Located at 1101 m altitude, it is a fishing lake (trout Fario, minnows, pikes) with an area of 11.5 ha and a shallow depth of 6 m. It is accessible by car and therefore very busy in summer. It is also the departure of many hikes (See article Lac d’Estaing).

The association « Sérp Volaria » was created to revive kites meetings of the heart of the Valley of Estaing. Initially intended for the local children attending the leisure centers of Val d’Azun, the valleys of Gaves, Luz and Cauterets, They decides to renew the friendly event in 2016 (last edition in 2014) « Les Têtes en l’Air ».

So that everyone can discover kiting (but also many other activities and animations) in a majestic setting, « Les têtes en l’air » kites meeting takes place on the second weekend of June.

Over two days, various activities, animations and exhibitions are proposed:

Free flights of kites: one can see all kinds of kites evolving: from the smallest to the largest, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Workshops for the making of kites for the youngest: they will be able to evolve immediately after they manufacture.

You will be able to watch « fights » of kites. The kites are equipped with sharp wires (tiny particles of glass are stuck on the wires). The two cervolists clash in flight, the aim being to cut the thread of the kite of his opponent so that it falls to the ground. Demonstrations always very spectacular and animated!

A land-art trail around the lake will allow children (and adults) to discover another way of understanding nature. A photo exhibition as well as readings will complete the theme, accompanied by an animator for to get acquainted with kiting.

The CPIE Bigorre Pyrenees offers conferences, videos and sought-after photographs, to discover a small animal endemic to the Pyrenees: the desman.

During these two days, films will be shot live. You can also watch screenings of events from around the world. A market of artisans and local producers will allow you to appreciate their know-how and the gastronomy of the High-Pyrenees.

On Saturday evening, an aperitif concert will allow you to discover (or rediscover) a « child of the country » Julie Angot who will enchant you of his melodies in French or in English. Later in the evening, around 11 pm, one may attend the « the astronomy encounters », to admire the starry sky above the lake.

To conclude this first day, a concert of « Z Shadows », purely bigourdan rock group, will take you to its rhythms of Californian Surf rock. On Sunday, everybody will gather at the rendezvous (for latecomers!). And this awesome weekend will be concluded with « graffs » on kites performed, there again by a local artist.

Check the dates and program of the event 2017 on Facebook : here ! 😉


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