12565511_222214958111766_2079656375098261545_nA get away  to Anzanigo, Spain…

To begin with, Tarbes, main town and prefecture of  the département des Hautes-Pyrenees, will be our starting point for all our rides, for it is easily accessible.

If you have dreamt of discovering the Pyrenees, what better way than a motorcycle ride to take a breath of fresh air…

The finish of this day trip leads to a biker’s campsite in Spain, where a cool and resting athmosphere is guaranteed. With a reasonable budget comprised between 20 and 40 € for one-night stop over, one may choose spending the night under your tent, in a dormitory, or a small chalet or even a single room. The campsite has a swimming pool… and all what is needed for a pleasant weekend.


Let’s hit the road from Tarbes, in direction of Lourdes, (where one may have a stop at the holy shrine and at the Grotto). Then, in direction of  Argelès-Gazost, the route drives through the valley of Lavedan, where there are three roads possible – (whatever itinerary you choose, there is no problem to be anticipated since the directions are well indentified in each option ).

In Argelès-Gazost, our main crossroads for many activities proposed on our site, one can visit the Animal Park of the Pyrenees or Colline aux Marmottes (see detailed article « family / all-together »).

To continue your trip, follow the direction of the Val d’Azun (Arrens-Marsous, the Col du Soulor, and the Col d’Aubisque); the route has a moderate drop and is rather wide, yet winding nicely and arrives in Arrens-Marsous, before ascending the Soulor Pass.

Across the Hautes-Pyrénées, in this land of cyclism, sign posts have been put up along the main passes (specific to our département), at every kilometer indicating the following key features:  the remaining distance before the summit, the average slope percentage of the section as well as the altitude. Useful information indeed for those also travelling by car, or motorbike, to be kept posted along the journey.

At the Col du Soulor (1474m), you will take a right and start tackling the Col d’Aubisque. A mythical pass really! Be cautious for this very narrow road drives alongside a cliff and has no opening out area. Sometimes, you may come across a flock and meet shepherds selling their cheese on the roadside. At the top, the panorama is sheer beauty. One may admire the cliffs of Gourette, a « village-station », to be passed through later on during the ride down the valley of Ossau.maxresdefault

The road is wide enough and of good quality. Beware of the presence of flocks in summer pastures in altitude.  At the bottom of the pass, after the thermal village of Eaux Bonnes, turn leftat the junction towards Col du Pourtalet – Spain; 28 kilometers are left to climb in a completely different landscape from those seen previously. The Pyrenees are rich with different hues, landscapes and valley profiles from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coasts. You will drive by several hydroelectric plants and lakes to supply dams and plants.

In the « chilling-out / cultural / to-visit » section, there is an article about the Lac d’Artouste, explaining the beginnings of hydroelectricity in the valley.dscn2880

At the top, you reach the Spanish border, where there are several shops and bars well in the style of the country. If this is first time you « step a wheel » in Spain, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the roads, both from coating and grip point of view.

As in France, water supply relying on dams is well established on the spanish side the Pyrenees also. You will pass by the lake of Salient de Galleigo, where a music festival, with a its floating scene on the lake, takes place toward the end of July. Descend the valley on a wide road, as far as Sabiñanigo and then on to Jaca on a large national road, for 16 more kilometers. You may notice difference in vegetation between the French and the Spanish Pyrenees. Entering Jaca, take the direction « Jaca Este », 3.5 kms further towards San Juan de la Peña (roundabout on the left of Mc Donald’s).

These are the last- but not least !!- remaing thirty kilometers, on a road that never ends winding in the wild Spanish countryland. At last, the finish line at Anzánigo’s campsite is well deserved ! Emilio the boss, will be there to welcome you, passionate and helpful, as he is, and  eager to meet all your expectations. Many activities are possible in the surroundings for you to spend a relaxing weekend: such as Los Mayos de Riglos, very popular cliffs among rock climbers from all over the world , the monastery of San Juan de la Peña or multiple natural pools and canyoning in the nearby rios. capture2

Information and reservations: Camping Anzánigo, Carretera A-1205, km.30 22830 Anzánigo (Huesca), Pirineos Aragonés – España à Phone: +34 974 348 040 or +34 976 291 469 –


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