Arrens Marsous is where you’ll find the fun restaurant ‘L’Apistomaque’. It’s a rather unusual name in French, but there’s a story behind it. Around a hundred years ago, a rich English lady came on holiday in the valley. She loved good food and enjoyed visiting all the best eating houses in the area. After a particularly fine meal, she exclaimed ‘Oh I do have a happy stomach !’. Over time this amusing phrase has survived the years and now gives it’s name to ‘LApistomaque’.

Bastien and Bruno, two brothers born in the Bearn, decided to set themselves up in a bar restaurant in Arrens, and the name ‘L’Apistomaque’ seemed like the natural choice. Bruno is the head chef and Bastien makes sure the service goes smoothly. They only serve locally sourced produce. Country ham and meat from Serge Louey (renowned local butcher in Arrens), Pyrenean salmon-trout from Lau-Balagnas, fresh cream from the village (Ferme Bayardes), cheese (Ferme Cazaux), blueberry pie (Confiturier d’Arrens), but also special house recipes for country vegetable soup and Charlotte russe .

The menu offers…

L’Apisto burger : minced beef, country ham, village cheese, eggs, onions and house burger sauce.

L’Apisto burger « Deluxe » : steak, foie gras, almonds and honey.

« L’Apistoburgerosaurus » : double steak, ham, cheese, onions, eggs, vegetables, salad and burger sauce.

Different menus are also available, including of course the traditional children’s menu, where you’ll find some delicious home made chips.

L’Apistomaque is also a bar. As well as regular drinks, you can taste a range of local and artisanal beers, and some stunning cocktails. Cocktails that will be served to you at live music evenings from February to November, along with special ‘concert’ dishes (ham, loin of pork, lamb chops, chips, cheese).

L’Apistomaque is an unusual and lively spot where music and gastronomy meet !




3 réflexions sur “APISTOMAQUE

  1. lolapat65 dit :

    Pour y avoir mangé plusieurs fois je confirme :  » I have an happy stomach » ! Il ne pas faut pas hésiter à y aller c’est vraiment l’endroit décrit dans cet article. Bon appétit!

    Aimé par 1 personne

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