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« C’est dans les vieux camions qu’on fait les meilleurs gueletons. »

When a young entrepreneur from the village of Ade (near Lourdes) decided to start his very own ‘food truck’ , he needed to find an original idea that would set him apart from the competition.

An old « Citroen Hy » van hidden away in a barn, many hours of restoration and plenty of elbow grease later, and it’s ok ! Mr Vagabond’s vehicle was ready to go.

But once the vehicle was finished, it needed the right menu…

Mr Vagabond only uses local produce (bread from the ‘Boulangerie des Pyrenees’, ham and bacon from the ‘Ferme de l’Enclave’, cheeses from ‘Maison Choure’, served with artisanal crisps and beers. Top of the menu are ‘brushettas’, delicious buttered open sandwiches, but there’s so much more on offer.

There are burgers garnished to suit the season, as well as a vegetarian burger, served with home made fries. As an aperitif, Mr Vagabond will serve you up a slate of charcuterie.

If you don’t have time to come and enjoy these tasty dishes at the truck (you’ll find it at the markets of Argeles Gazost on Tuesday, Bagnere de Bigorre on Saturday or evenings in the square at Ade), then you can always go for the ‘takeaway’ option.

Mr Vagabond can also come to you, to provide catering for special events (sporting, corporate and family) where you can enjoy delicious tapas.

Mr Vagabond : the  gourmet Food-Truck !


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