Vallée du Tech The Tech valley stretches for 15 kilometers from Arrens Marsous to Plan d’Aste. View Map

It’s a valley well known to hikers, and offers access to the hostels (‘refuges’) of Migouelou, Ledormeur and Larribat.

The valley is used for the production of electricity, with the dams of Migouelou and Tech, the technical centers of Migouelou and Tucoy (2 out of a total of 7).

Since 2012, the valley offers handicapped access.

There are several information points to help every visitor discover and understand this preserved environment, its trees, flora and fauna, and human activities such as hydroelectricity and pastoralism.

All the sites are accessible from the road and are conveniently placed near parking areas. There you will find audio posts (powered by solar panels) with commentaries in French, English and Spanish. Models in relief are equally available for those with impaired vision, doubled with panels in Braille.

A lifeline cord connects to a board with a natural element to allow the experience of touch to the sightless.


The contours of the lake are formed by the dam and vary according to the amount of water required for the production of electricity. It is at an altitude of 1207 meters and as a general rule covers 13 hectares with a depth of 20 meters.

Fishing is permitted in the lake.


At one side of the lake an information kiosk informs the visitor. This marks the point of departure for a walk around the edge, leading to a picnic area which is right at the other end of the lake.

On the other side of the road, the Maison du Tech, the former campsite building, now welcomes hikers, pilgrims on the Chemin de St Jacques de Compostelle, and all other visitors.

A bridge allows access to the right bank of the lake and rising at a gradient of less than 1%, takes you to a horizontal path of interpretation which runs alongside the lake, around fifty meters above. It is 800 meters long and accessible to everyone, equipped with information panels on the themes of geology, mountain terrain, pastoralism and hydroelectricity.

Following the path, one arrives at the pastoral hut of Arcoeche, which is inhabited by a shepherd in summer. Two interpretation panels contrast the pastoralism of yesterday and today.

At the end of the road one arrives at the Plan d’Aste and the Maison du Parc National (which is open in July and August). An interpretation path of 180

meters winds in front of the building. Seven stopping points cover the themes of water, tree stumps, pines, forest, rocks. Audio guides provide a visit with commentary. Or one can download the entire audio file onto your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Lifeline cords are also available for the sightless.



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