An evening at the theater in Tarbes

What shall I do this evening ? Well, well… when this oft repeated question crosses your mind and if you fancy a cultural outing « in a light mode », then check Le Pari’s program. Indeed, this theater offers a variety of plays, dance shows or concerts.

 It was formerly a rather frequented cinema of Tarbes until the end of the 1990’s. And particularly conveniently located in the town center, The Pari  has been renovated since into a cultural center devoted to performing arts.

The season spreads from September to June and offers a great variety of different styles of plays:  from the adaptation of classical plays or novels,  to pure creation – and it undoubtedly appeals to a large audience.

First of all, The Pari  is to be considered as an art factory, really.
A cultural workshop committed to welcome artists-in residence and provide these companies with means to create,develop and perform their production. These are all professional companies, sometimes local ones (or from Midi-Pyrenees) but that may come from other regions of France too. The fact that artists come from other regions makes for different cultural choices and professional ways between artists but also meets to satisfy the public appetite for novelty.155511lepari

The Pari also takes the mission to accompany directors of young troops or companies at their beginnings. (The premises are conveniently adapted to do so).

In this respect, as there are no artists without a public, the choices in programming and of events organisation are totally dedicated to make the encounter happen: there is a true initiative to make an artistic exchange between artists and its public work.

Thus, the other side, is that the Pari association is devoted to making culture accessible to a public of all ages with different cultural backgrounds and experiences ; from the ones wishing to get acquainted, to those of you who already fans or to those wanting to brush up on their classics… in short, open to anyone eager to share cultural, artistic feelings and emotion in society and company.

And this can be felt at once:  the program will help you make up your mind because it is varied and promisingly entertaining.

(Once a year, you may even attend a play in English specially adapted to no-native speakers performed by the « Theater en anglais » company).

Should you still doubt? Then try the dress- rehearsal taking place on the previous Saturday of each play scheduled on the calendar that week ! … It is usually at 4 pm.  The entrance is free and you will get to see the comedians or the troop rehearse before the preview -show.  At the end, there is an open exchange between the public, the comedians and the director.

The stage is close the audience; and the overall  atmosphere of the place is friendly and intimate.

 There is always a painting exhibition in the hall or of any other visual arts often related to the theme of the play.

But enough tittle – tattle, have a try and judge for yourself…

We wish you a good evening in this small theater of modest appearance but with great open mindedness, offering a genuine source of culture and social occasion for the inhabitants of the Hautes-Pyrénees at a very, very affordable price !





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