Vallée du Tech The Tech valley stretches for 15 kilometers from Arrens Marsous to Plan d’Aste. View Map It’s a valley well known to hikers, and offers access to the hostels (‘refuges’) of Migouelou, Ledormeur and Larribat. The valley is used for the production of electricity, with the dams of Migouelou and Tech, the technical … Lire la suite TECH VALLEY



« C’est dans les vieux camions qu’on fait les meilleurs gueletons. » When a young entrepreneur from the village of Ade (near Lourdes) decided to start his very own ‘food truck’ , he needed to find an original idea that would set him apart from the competition. An old « Citroen Hy » van hidden … Lire la suite Mr VAGABOND


Arrens Marsous is where you’ll find the fun restaurant ‘L’Apistomaque’. It’s a rather unusual name in French, but there’s a story behind it. Around a hundred years ago, a rich English lady came on holiday in the valley. She loved good food and enjoyed visiting all the best eating houses in the area. After a … Lire la suite APISTOMAQUE

An evening at the theater in Tarbes

What shall I do this evening ? Well, well... when this oft repeated question crosses your mind and if you fancy a cultural outing "in a light mode", then check Le Pari's program. Indeed, this theater offers a variety of plays, dance shows or concerts.  It was formerly a rather frequented cinema of Tarbes until the end of the 1990's. And particularly conveniently located in … Lire la suite An evening at the theater in Tarbes


A get away  to Anzanigo, Spain... To begin with, Tarbes, main town and prefecture of  the département des Hautes-Pyrenees, will be our starting point for all our rides, for it is easily accessible. If you have dreamt of discovering the Pyrenees, what better way than a motorcycle ride to take a breath of fresh air... The finish of this day trip leads … Lire la suite MOTORCYCLE CAMPING – ANZANIGO – SPAIN